CantAmore Women’s Chorale

CantAmore Women’s Chorale

CantAmore Women’s Chorale, the new chapter of CantAmore Chorus, is composed of the women’s parts of CantAmore Chorus and women who love to sing together in 2014. It is based on Korean community and is open to any woman willing to share her enthusiasm of choral music.

*The Members

Music Director: Hyun-Kwan Chung

Pianist: Sohmin Yee


Younghie Cho

Kyungja Hong

Sharon Kang

Katherine Kim

Mikyung Kim

Soyoung Kim**

Susan Kim

Young S. Kim

Maria Koh

Dawn Lee

Dongsil Lim

Sunkyung Oh

Kwanghee Paik

Jijung Park

Myungsook Park

Mira Yun

(* is treasurer, ** is advisor)