The 13th Spring Music Festival


* Video Clips *

P1-1: Violin Concerto in D Major Op. 35 1st Yeawon (Erica) Hwang


P1-2a: Sull’aria from 0pera “The Marriage of Figaro” – June Kim & Sunu Mun


P1-2b: Dome Epais from Opera “Lakme” – June Kim & Sunu Mun


P1-3a: Longing for my Old Home Town (망향) – Dawn Lee


P1-3b: Caro Nome  – Dawn Lee


P1-4a: South Village (남촌) – CantAmore Chorus


P1-4b: The Barley Fields (보리밭– CantAmore Chorus


P1-4c: A Thousand Winds ( 영혼 바람되어 CantAmore Chorus


P1-4d: Java Jive  CantAmore Chorus


P1-4e: The Sound of Music  CantAmore Chorus


P2-1a: Hey Toad (두꺼비) – CantAmore Women’s Chorale


P2-1b: Green Seawater (살랑 살랑 초록바다 CantAmore Women’s Chorale


P2-1c: The song is good (노래는 즐겁다 CantAmore Women’s Chorale


P2-2: Variations on One String on a Theme by Rossini – Elliot Kim, V Cello


P2-3: Fantasie in f-sharp minor, Op. 28 – Jason Kim, Piano


P2-4a: Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁 타령)  CantAmore Chorus & Women’s Chorale


P2-4b: Five hundred years (한 오백년) – CantAmore Chorus & Women’s Chorale


P2-4c: Farmer’s Song (농부가) – CantAmore Chorus & Women’s Chorale


P2-5: Encore:  Arirang (아리랑) – CantAmore Chorus & Women’s Chorale