The 23rd Concert


A Cappella Hymns

* I Surrender All ————————————————————— Arr. by Jay Rouse

* My Jesus, I love Thee —————————————————— Arr. by Jay Rouse

Solo: Son U. Mun

Praise The Lord

* I will Make Music —————————————————————— Karl Jenkins

* Festival Sanctus ——————————————————————– John Leavitt

Songs For October

* On A Fine Day in October —————————————————– Arr. by J. Ahn

* Forgotten Season ————————————————————– Arr. by J. B. Kim

Songs For Hope

* Danny Boy ————————————————————– Arr. by J. Flummerfelt

* We ——————————————————————————— Arr. by S. W. Shin

Korean Art Songs

* My Heart Is ——————————————————————– Arr. by K. H. Kim

* Nostalgic Diamond Mountain —————————————————— Y. S. Choi

Korean Traditional Songs

* Song Of Rice Cake ———————————————————– Arr. by J. A. Jang

* Gang-Gang Sul Rae ——————————————————– Arr. by S. K. Park

Soli: June Kim, Hong Keun Kim

Percussion: Mun Soo Lee


Gloria ———————————————————————————- John Rutter

1. Gloria In Excelsis Deo

2. Domine Deus, Rex Caelestis

3. Quoniam Tu Solus Sanctus

Soli: June Kim, Son U Mun, Okhee Yong

Organ: Jenny Yoon

With Brass Ensemble and Percussion